Tuesday, July 29, 2014

MI40X Review: The Best Bodybuilding Program Ever?

I still remember when MI40 (Mass Intentions) first came on the scene.  I had reviewed several programs over the years, but this one was really special.

The creator, Ben Pakulski had already built a reputation as one of the most massive and ripped bodybuilders out there.  He obviously knew something about training for hypertrophy (muscle growth) Some, of course, would argue that his massive physique just came from drugs.   While I'm sure this has played a role in his massive development, you just don't get the kind of physique he has in a syringe.

It doesn't take long to realize Ben is not a "meathead."  He puts just as much effort into the science of muscle building as he does his training.  He is methodical in every aspect of training and teaches how to maximize the training stimulus from each repetition.  This is why so many high level fitness competitors look to him for advice and ask him to be their trainer.

Ben Pakulski
Now there is a new version Mass Intentions--also designed by Pakulski.  I have to say he has taken things to a completely different level with this program.  The original MI40 was not nearly as long as MI40X is.  This newest version lasts a full 18-weeks--over four months of training!

The video content is also better with this new program.  The videos are of extremely good quality, and you'll get a very clear picture of exactly how to train for maximum muscle growth.  Most of us would never be able to afford having someone like Ben as our own personal trainer.  But you can get close to this reality at a fraction of the costs if you decide to invest in MI40X and download the video library.  I'm sure you'll be impressed by watching this elite level trainer in action.  There simply something more inspiring about watching a video when compared to just seeing an exercise on paper.

Mass Intentions Extreme 2.0 also features C.E.P. training, which will show you the science of how to make your muscles grow at the cellular level.  This scientific principle is explained in depth in the program and you'll be impressed with how it works.  I can't give too much away in this review other than to say it is based on good science (not "bro science").

Be sure not to overlook the supplement and nutrition information that will be available with this program.  Proper eating is definitely one of the most important components of hypertrophy and you'll need to follow his advice and plan out your meals.   Just don't spend too much money on supplements because they really just aren't that important (not when compared to training and nutrition).

Overall I think MI40X is one of the best programs that has been released to date.  It will continue to be one of my best-sellers because it will consistently deliver results of size and strength to those who follow the program precisely.  Just remember it will require discipline and hard work--no gains can be made unless you are willing to make the sacrifices necessary.

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